Hatters little home....

...because his deadjournal died.

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I don't get it.....
The past few days she keeps asking me if I love her, like really really love her. I think I do. I invest a lot of time and concern in her well being. I help her study, cuddle her every night, hold her when she cries, kiss her every chance I get. Am I not doing enough? Am I somehow not being faithful in my love for her? Am I not meeting her standards?

What are the guidelines for love? How do you know when you're in it?

Is this some insecurity coming to the surface? Is she worried I'm going to leave her?

I want more than to be asked if I love her, I want to hear the why, what emotions are getting triggered. The cause of a question that hurts when asked. I truly believe I love her, with all of my being, and I sincerely hope that she loves me too. 

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I do love you.

I think we talked about this. I don't remember. Sometimes I just get scared. I don't mean to hurt you, ask me about this later if we haven't talked, but I think we did.

Yes, we did talk. I posted before we did though.

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