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Hatters little home....

...because his deadjournal died.

Huh...didn't think about it that way....
Life has been progressing nicely for the last two years. Mostly in part to feeling accomplished in my school work and having landed a really sweet job for last summer. Now I am facing a much bigger sea, before I have just been sailing around the bay. This May I graduate and enter the workplace for real. I'm looking for career work, but finding that career work doesn't really exist in the private sector any more. No matter what company you go to work for, there is a chance you won't be there more than 10 years. This to me is unacceptable. I want to find a company I can take pride in, flourish and be useful within. Ever where I have looked lately I have not seen anything that promises me fulfillment.

It doesn't help that I am reading "Nowtopia" By Chris Carlsson. This book tears down the thought of "middle-class" and exposes the issue professionals are facing in the work place. They are bulldozed by their employers politics, they are stripped of their guarantees for fulfillment and eventually they burn out. This doesn't make me excited for what I have coming up in my near future.

I initially wanted to work in alternative energy, because I feel it creates a better world and that the employment would be fulfilling. So far, every place I have looked at is the same corporate bull, with a pretty little smiley environmental face on the front. "How disconcerting", I say to myself.

This is a rant, a private person ranting about the ills of the society that he must exist within.

Time to get plan "B" ready.